Measuring Ring Size

How do I measure my ring size?

There are a few different methods to measuring ring size. The best of course is to either pop into one of our stores, or you local jeweller who will be able to use a ring sizer to figure out the best fit for you. Equally, you could purchase your own ring sizer online.

Failing that, you can do it at home with a piece of string, or a strip of paper. Simply wrap it around your figure, mark the crossing point with a pen and then use a ruler to measure the length. In the UK, we use a numbered scale for ring sizes, so once you have the measurement, take a look below to find your perfect size.

UK Ring Sizes - Measurement

F – 44.2mm

G – 45.5mm

H – 46.7mm

I – 48mm

J – 48.7mm

K – 49.9mm

L – 51.2mm

M – 52.5mm

N – 53.8mm

O – 55mm

P – 56.3mm

Q – 57.6mm

R – 58.9mm

S – 60.1mm

T – 61.4mm

U – 62.7mm

V – 64mm

W – 65.2mm

X – 66.5mm

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